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Effective Communication wtih Romi

The Effective Communication course aims to support you to better and more effectively communicate. The six videos contain a wide range of communication skills and techniques. Some cover self-talk (yes, we all do it) and explore our role, behaviour, language, triggers, thoughts and emotions.


Yoga For Flexibility with Gypsy

“Move it or lose it” is really true when it comes to the body. this course focuses on flexing and extending, growing with awareness and finding your alignment in the challenge.


Mastering the Breath with Gypsy

Without breath we would not have life! Learn and Play with directing, like a conductor leads an orchestra, how to lead and follow your breath throughout your body. This joyful class will explore many ways in being present with your breath.


Feel Safe Sound Bath Meditation with Ania

We invite you to join us on experiencing a dream world of your creation. You will be guided into a state of absolute calm and relaxation through shamanic instruments and Reiki Energies, after which you will craft, live and experience a wonderful dream world that will help you feel the love and kindness of the world


Core Interval with Eliza

A body burning exercise class that will tone your muscles and clear your mind. This straightforward interval class consists of repetitive motions that target specific areas of your body, such as glutes, abs, arms, and legs.


Foundations of Flow: Elements of a Yoga Practice with Francie

Within this foundational course, you have the opportunity to learn & practice - Sequence and structure of a balanced Vinyasa Flow Yoga class, 30 + key Yoga poses - Optimal alignment principles, variations, modifications and how to identify and correct common misalignments.


Introduction to Qi Gong with Doron

The wisdom of softness:- you may have heard the name of Qi Gong here and there and asked yourself, what is that weird name? what is it all about? Let Doron take you by the hand and lead you through the wonder and mystery that is Qi Gong.


Evolutionary Nutrition with William

Based on evolution and migration of hominids, & how diets changed and adapted to suit changes in environment. "Complex" concepts of micro and macro nutrition are presented in a matter that is easy to understand


Yin Yoga Immersion with Sophie Levan

This five part group of slow paced, hour-long classes offers a deep dive into yin yoga, guiding you through the practice towards a release of held tension and stress in the body. Classes cover the foundational principles of the practice, as well as integrating teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Buddhist Mindfulness


Positive Emotional Health and Well-Being with Romi

The Positive Emotional Health and Well-Being course aims to support you to live a socially, emotionally and mentally healthy life. It covers a range of topics over six videos offering practical and actionable tools and techniques to help you step forward and lead a confident, empowered and balanced life.


From the ground up, yoga everyday with Jonny Rose

 A 3 Class mini-series taking the student from first principles of breath based movement through to simple flows and stronger standing poses.  This series is ideal for absolute beginners, beginners, people with tighter bodies, those that suffer from anxiety, stress or back pain or anybody looking to relax and stretch their bodies.


Yin Yoga Mind Body Spirit with Sophie Levan

 These six classes draw inspiration from the foundational principle of yin yoga that mind, body and spirit are inseparable. Through the long-hold poses of the practice, these classes explore how yin yoga can influence us beyond our physical bodies.


Self care and tips

This series is part of a holistic and well-rounded program to assist people in their cleanse. It includes embodiment practices and yoga classes to help bring you into your body and replenish your depleted energy.


Full and New Moon Intention Setting Yoga with Nolita

In this two-part course for the New Moon and Full Moon, Nolita Ananda guides you gently through intention setting not just at the beginning of the classes, but actually working with these lunar energies throughout the series and postures.


Principles of Pilates with Doron

Doron will lead you through an in-depth explanation of the basic principles of the Pilates method and how to implement them into your daily exercise routine.


Health and Vitality Yoga Workshop with Randall

We look at how we can use yoga wisely to improve our health and our lives. Each class explores a different aspect of our being through movement, breath and education and the series is designed to be done regularly and repeatedly to gradually increase our vitality and health


Jade Egg Yoni Yoga Gentle Heart Flow with Nolita

Nolita Ananda is the founder of Secrets Of Jade, the online yoni egg shop. Here, she guides you through various Jade Egg exercises. Nolita uses her 10 years of yoga teaching experience combined with her Jade Egg wisdom to create a very gentle yoga flow with focus on traditional Jade Egg practices.

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