Project Description

Effective Communication

Required equipment: Pen, paper

Duration: 6 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Instructor: Romi

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Online Course Description: 

The Effective Communication course aims to support you to better and more effectively communicate. The six videos contain a wide range of communication skills and techniques. Some cover self-talk (yes, we all do it) and explore our role, behaviour, language, triggers, thoughts and emotions. Other videos focus on communicating with other people, understanding our body and emotional reactions and how we land in arguments.

Understanding balance of emotions and how a rise in particular emotions can lead to arguments. Learn to re-balance and take back control of the situation. Learn healthy techniques to handle and prevent emotional overwhelm.

Duration: 12 minutes

The language (choice of words) that we use affects the tone of voice that we use, affects our body language. These three aspects are interconnected: words, tone and body. Understanding how they connect and the impact they have on the way we feel can have a monumental impact on our mental and emotional health.

Duration: 8 minutes

Our language and our choice of words impact others and impact the way we feel during self-talk dialogue. Some words create pressure, guilt, labelling and blaming with responses becoming defensive and blaming back. Learning which words can help avoid arguments and help us feel safe, empowered and confident.

Duration: 9 minutes

How and what we think when we enter any form of communication, whether it is with a partner, friend, children or colleague will determine how the conversation goes and how you feel when you walk away. Learn how to create effective communication and how to respond, not react.

Duration: 9 minutes

Is perfectionism getting in the way of you reaching your goals? Relearn how to define ‘your best’ without losing your positive attitude or strive for excellence. Understand the meanings of the words ‘success’ and ‘failure,’ and the conscious or subconscious impact your definition of these words has on your life. Learn techniques to move forward and achieve your goals without pressure, guilt or self-doubt.

Duration: 13 minutes

Understand our neural pathways in the brain (explained in very simple terms) and how one negative thought can turn in to a real problem whether it is a ‘down day,’ getting stuck in a negative spiral, or getting stuck in more consistent negative cycles. This video explains how this occurs and offers a powerful way to turn it around and feel confident, happy and empowered.

Duration: 12 minutes