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Sanctuary Wellness

Health Optimisation

Welcome to Sanctuary Wellness, the home of online courses and Home Detox, brought to you by The Sanctuary Thailand.

Our online wellness courses have been created to help you optimise your health at home. Choose from free and paid for online courses and classes in yoga, meditation, mindful movement, detox, nutrition, and more.

Our team of practitioners have carefully curated individual classes and courses to suit everyone.

Online Home Detox

We are also proud to present our fully supported Online Home Detox Program, which is based on our renowned detox programs from our resort. Choose a 5-day detox, 7-day, and a 10-day detox to suit your schedule.

“If we desire good health, then whatever we have put into our bodies that interferes with their ability to function properly, must be removed”

Richard Anderson ND

What People Say About Us

Meditation was one of my favourite things at The Sanctuary; every day was different. They were mind blowing experiences I am going to take with me for the rest of my life.

Anna, Germany

I came here to find a place to reconnect with my physical health. I didn’t expect to cross paths with a physicist, authors, musicians, social thinkers, and be part of philosophical conversations more enlightening than I’ve had in years. I leave unwillingly but fulfilled in body and spirit, and ready to share and give to the world I’ll be returning to.

Matt, USA

Three yoga teachers were great. I haven’t done a lot of yoga before and the teacher explained the beginners poses well whilst more experienced members of the class were able to do more advanced poses.

Beth, UK

I first learned of the Sanctuary Thailand when I toured with sparkcircus in 2013. I knew then, this place held something special, something truly magical and uniquely its own. Life has been a whirlwind as of late for everyone, myself included. Admittedly, I fell into a rut with my yoga practice and quite frankly, all things spiritual. Surprisingly, I ended up winning a month subscription to The Sanctuary’s new online program and found this magnificent teacher, Sophie. Yin is my heart, it is my soul space with yoga. Sophie’s yin classes are healing my soul and I dream of the day when we can travel again so I can practice with all of these phenomenal teachers in person at this beloved space. If you are looking for a space of peace, with a genuine and authentic practice in a time of chaos, please check out The Sanctuary. These folks are simply magnificent.

Jex, mutedechoes

I am very excited to begin the cleanse, and I think it is wonderful that The Sanctuary is offering the Home Detox, now. I love coming to The Sanctuary and nothing compares to being there, but it is so useful and helpful to have the home option. Also, I’d like to tell your team that the videos and Home Cleanse website is beautiful and very professional. It exceeds my expectations. I’ve enjoyed watching the videos and viewing the website.

Kelly Vassar, UK





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ThaiVedic Bodywork Flow2020-11-11T10:49:25+06:00
Yoga for Home Detox with Eliza Volk2020-11-11T10:14:01+06:00

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