Project Description

Principles of Pilates

Required equipment: Yoga mat, inflatable ball, exercise band

Duration: 6 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Instructor: Doron

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Online Course Description:

The eight principles of Pilates

In this workshop, Doron will lead you through an in-depth explanation of the basic principles of the Pilates method and how to implement them into your daily exercise routine.  These principles are the backbone of Pilates.

This workshop is a guidebook for the proper operation of your temple – Enjoy !

Explaining the contraindications before you start Pilates or any other form of exercises  Important smart tips to ensure you enjoy a careful and safe practice

Duration: 11 minutes

The first two principles focusing on Pilates breathing and how to activate the pelvic floor muscles. We will explore at length.

What is Pilates breathing? Why it is so important to breathe correctly?

What  are the pelvic floor muscles? How to find them and activate them?

Duration: 34 minutes

Learning more about the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. What should be the right positioning of the abdominal during Pilates practice?  It’s very important to understand that principle, because all of the Pilates exercises are based on controlling these muscles.

Duration: 37 minutes

Learning control and movement efficiency

Duration: 25 minutes

Duration: 27 minutes

Combining the previous principals together. In a Pilates workout, one should strive to want to flow and move freely from one movement to another. Integrating the nervous system, the muscles and the joints together with grace, like a beautiful dance.

Duration: 25 minutes