Project Description

ThaiVedic – Bodywork Flow

Required equipment: Mat, Blocks, Bolster or Cushion.

Duration: 10 modules

Difficulty Level: All levels

Instructor: Sebastian

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Online Course Description: 

Sebastian Bruno, co-founder of ThaiVedic, takes us on a journey of the masterful Level 1 ThaiVedic Bodywork flow.
These instructional videos and resources serve as valuable tools for beginners, experts, those wanting to explore movement and touch, or anyone considering joining one of ThaiVedic’s global certified bodywork trainings.
The Foundations of ThaiVedic Bodywork Course consists of 10 videos; making up the full massage flow, plus mediation, Wai Khru Mantra, and break- downs of particular techniques.
The course also includes the training manual forThaiVedic Bodywork; which will go deeper into the theory, Ayurvedic diagnosis, and more.
It also includes Theory Class Slide Lessons on Ayurveda, the Doshas, and the 5 Element system in relation to the body.

Take the course at your own time. You will have access to it, with no expiry date.