Project Description

Jade Egg Yoni Yoga

(Female only)

Required equipment: Yoga mat, Jade Egg

Duration: 19 Episodes

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Price: 5,000 THB

Instructor: Nolita Ananda

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Course Description: 

The use of a Jade egg to strengthen the Yoni muscles is a Taoist practice that evolved from ancient China.

Legend has it that the secret was kept in the Royal Palace and taught only to the queen and mistresses of the most powerful nobles. It was believed that women who mastered the Jade Egg techniques would maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age.

In modern times, developing a Jade Egg practice can be a very liberating and empowering experience as it offers women a path to heal themselves with love, awareness and consciousness.

Since crystals vibrate and emit pure vibrations at constant rates, they can help eliminate blockages and restore balance within ourselves leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well being.

This in-depth Jade Egg Yoni Yoga course is designed for the absolute beginner Jade Egg practitioner to those with some knowledge who wish to go a bit deeper.

The course covers many topics Nolita Ananda discusses in her Jade Egg sister circles and sessions that she’s been hosting at The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Phangan for numerous years.

With this course you will learn all about the Jade Egg practice so get ready for:

~Deeper, more fulfilling pleasure
~Feeling confident in your body and your sensuality!
~Increased sensitivity in the vagina – leading to mind-blowing orgasms!

The course is inclusive of three incredible Jade Egg exercise classes that can be practiced over and over again.

You will need a Jade Egg for this course. If you do not already have one, please visit Nolita Ananda’s website at to purchase and have sent to you.

Duration: 4 minutes

Jade Egg use is ancient, originating in China. Nolita Ananda describes some of the history and legends behind the practice.

Duration: 4 minutes

Nolita Ananda describes the different stones of Jade, Rose Quartz as well as the different healing properties that each stones possesses.

Duration: 4 minutes

Nolita explains why there are different sizes, when to use them, and offers advanced practices for the small size egg.

Duration: 5 minutes

Nolita Ananda describes the difference between drilled and un-drilled eggs. She describes the different benefits and practices of both versions of the eggs.

Duration: 4.5 minutes

Nolita Ananda describes different practices of energetically cleansing your eggs to remove negative energies and recharge them with positive vibrations for healing.

Duration: 1 minute

How to correctly string a Jade Egg.

Duration: 3.5 mins.

How to clean your Jade Eggs.

Duration: 2.5 minutes

Nolita Ananda describes the ins and outs of using a Jade Egg during your yoga classes as well as the practice of mula banda.

Duration: 4 minutes

How to approach your Jade Egg practice, how and when to do the exercises, and how long to safely use a Jade Egg in one session.

Duration: 3 minutes

Nolita Ananda describes the practice of sleeping with your Jade Egg, the benefits as well as using the crystals to enhance your dream state.

Duration: 4.5 minutes

Nolita describes the different points of Yoni Reflexology and how Jade Eggs are used to activate the pressure points.

Duration: 2.5 minutes

Learn natural remedies for treating yeast infections and how to use a Jade Egg during this time.

Duration: 3.5 minutes

Are there benefits in a Jade Egg practice during menopause? Nolita discusses uterine prolapse and incontinence, and how Jade Eggs can help.

Duration: 4 minutes

Nolita describes the controversial practice of using a Jade Egg during pregnancy. She also talks about Jade Eggs with an IUD.

Duration: 2.5 minutes

What times of the month are ideal for a Jade Egg practice and when should you put it aside?

Duration: 4 minutes

This saucy episode describes the practice of using a Jade Egg during love making.

Duration: 19 minutes

This class starts off with gentle yoni egg exercises and works its way towards more dynamic Shamanic cleansing practices for the Yoni. This is a great class if you are short on time or if you have some stagnant energy you want to work through. Will leave you feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated.

Duration: 7.5 minutes

The microcosmic orbit is a Taoist Qigong energy cultivation technique. It involves deep breathing exercises in conjunction with meditation to enhance the flow of qi along certain pathways of energy in the human body.

The Microcosmic Orbit is such a wonderful practice because it allows us to really understand the nature of the universe through our own felt experience.

This practice can be done with or without a Jade Egg, but for today’s practice we will incorporate the use a yoni egg and you’ll want to already have it inserted for this session.

Nolita Ananda guides this meditation with the squeeze of the pelvic muscles on the inhale, but if it intuitively feels you should squeeze on the exhale, it is fine to switch the breathing pattern so it feels comfortable for you.

Duration: 55 minutes

Session begins with a Heart Blessing meditation and finishes with a deep and peaceful Savasana to leave you feeling relaxed and nourished. If you enjoy a gentle yoga and class want to connect deeper to your sacred femininity, you will love this Jade Egg Yoni Yoga Class.