Project Description

Align with the Divine

Required equipment: Yoga mat

Duration: 5 Episodes

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Instructor: Eliza

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Course Description: 

Align with the Divine Yoga is an alignment-based and heart-centered slow flow asana practice, combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with the modern biomechanics. These well-rounded classes are designed to bring you into the present moment of your body, create a calm mind, and uplift your spirit.

A slow flow, grounded and basic yoga sequence to calm your mind and connect with your body. All postures are performed close to the mat; low lunges are the highest we get! This class is designed to create meditative well-being in your mind. This class can be used to gently reawaken your body, or as a decompression at the end of your day.

Duration: 35 minutes

A straightforward asana flow implementing a variation of lunges and warrior poses to focus your mind, strengthen your body, and align your spirit with intentional purpose.

Duration: 51 minutes

A playful class that explores opening the heart. With backbends, chest, and shoulder openers, we will expand into our radiant heart so we are able to receive the gifts of the universe.

Duration: 52 minutes

A practice focused on balancing postures, as a way to train the body towards stillness and the mind towards intention. Ranging from beginner to advanced poses, with variations in between, this class will test your stability, all while cultivating a centered mind.

Duration: 52 minutes

Twists can activate our energy or be used to unwind and decompress. They are also cleansing for our digestive system and internal organs. In this class, we will explore a wide range of twists, journeying through the various energetics that these postures create.

Duration: 62 minutes