eliza volk

Eliza Volk

Eliza is a transformational yoga teacher, intuitive massage therapist and ThaiVedic bodyworker. She grew up on a small farm north of New York City, and has always been very connected with both nature and the cultural metropolis of the city. She has an urban flare, mixed in with her fun-loving, nature-spirit.
Eliza has traveled the globe, studying with world renowned teachers, healers and elders, integrating her studies with an innate ability to heal others. Her straight-forward and fun-loving classes blend the wisdom of nature with physical alignment. Her background is an alignment-based and heart-centered yoga practice, integrated with effective workout techniques, bringing safety and structure to each exercise class. Eliza is also a teacher in the school of ThaiVedic, uniting holistic medicine through Ayurveda, Thai massage, and yoga therapies.
Eliza is an advocate for the evolution of consciousness and serves as a guide to live in harmonious relationships with ourselves, the earth and one another. The body is the foundational tool for holistic health and merely serves as a doorway to connect with something deeper.

Eliza’s Online Courses

Yoga for Home Detox with Eliza Volk2020-12-16T10:19:09+06:00
Intro to ThaiVedic with Eliza2020-11-11T11:54:31+06:00
Align with the Divine Yoga: Eliza2021-01-25T09:45:19+06:00

Eliza’s Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Class – Eliza Align with the Divine Class 12021-01-25T09:46:59+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Eliza Align with the Divine Class 22021-01-25T09:47:22+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Eliza Align with the Divine Class 32021-01-25T09:47:37+06:00