Project Description

Self care and tips

Required equipment:

Altar: Incense, candles, and items that are important/special to you.

Massage: Oils and mug with hot water to initially warm the oil.

Steam: Pot with steaming hot water (please be careful), Towel, Essential oil.

Duration: 3 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Instructor: Eliza

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Online Course Description: 

This series is part of a holistic and well-rounded program to assist people in their cleanse. It includes embodiment practices and yoga classes to help bring you into your body and replenish your depleted energy.

Build and alter to hold your intentions. Let this serve as a reminder for why you are doing the cleanse, and to keep you on track!

Duration: 6 minutes

Self-Oil Massage, known as Abhyanga in Ayurveda, is a healing technique used to pacify anxiety, calm tension in the body, hydrate the skin and increase circulation. It is an easy to do self-care technique that is deeply nourishing, and creates reconnection between the body, mind and spirit.

Duration: 10 minutes

The steam inhalation is a way to get deeper into our lungs, release stagnancy and congestion, remove emotional baggage, and make more space for purification.

Duration: 3 minutes