Project Description

Yoga Classes for Sparkling Health

Required equipment: mat, block, strap,

Duration: 6 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Instructor: Randall

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Online Course Description: 

In this series of short classes, we look at how we can use yoga wisely to improve our health and our lives. Each class explores a different aspect of our being through movement, breath and education and the series is designed to be done regularly and repeatedly to gradually increase our vitality and health. The classes can be done by anyone with a basic level of yoga experience and will help all practitioners understand themselves and the amazing tools of yoga. The series is designed for students to do the classes repeatedly, one class per day in week long cycles.

This class explores the nutrition and vitality of the body through fluid movement and breath.

Duration: 51 minutes

This class increases the health of our most important physical function: the digestion. When we digest well, we are well. This should be done at least once a week.

Duration: 58 minutes

Yogis are known for their vitality and long lives, and their resistance to disease and illness. This class takes you through some of the yogic practices to strengthen your immune system.

Duration: 41 minutes

This class looks at a hidden but vital aspect of life, our stability. In this class we explore what it is and how we can work with this essential aspect of life. This class builds strength and evenness.

Duration: 40 minutes

Duration: 37 minutes