Project Description

Core Interval

Required equipment: Yoga mat

Duration: 3 Episodes

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructor: Eliza

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Course Description: 

A body burning exercise class that will tone your muscles and clear your mind. This straightforward interval class consists of repetitive motions that target specific areas of your body, such as glutes, abs, arms, and legs. You will enter a state of focused precision as you build strength. These classes can be done individually, or combined together for a longer, stronger workout.
The format of the classes are similar from one to the next. Some exercises are repeated, while others will be new. This is so you learn from consistency and muscle memory. Therefore, your mind can relax into the process, while your body works to repeat learned patterns of exercises.
A nice, solid class that beings with glute bridges, followed by bicycles for ab strength, planks w/ hip dip option, a strong set of cardio, followed by squats and yoga chair for glutes and leg strength. Yoga cool down at the end.

Duration: 31 minutes

A long and strong set of glute bridges, fun “lemon squeezes” and cute “penguins” for abs. A solid section of planks and back strengtheners, and a moderate amount of arm and other exercises to round out the class. This is a fun, solid and strong flow!

Duration: 65 minutes

Beginning with squats and step-backs for legs and glutes, hollow body hold to strengthen abs, some fun reverse table fly’s to strengthen the arms, and our usual suspects of planks and push-up variations. Yoga cool-down at the end.

Duration: 21 minutes