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Please enjoy our yoga library from the comfort of your own home. We have a full collection of online classes for you to explore. Yoga for all levels, exclusively from our Jungle Studio.

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Online Yoga Class – Caroline Opening Shoulders and Hips2021-01-25T09:37:37+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Francie Bhakti Flow2021-01-25T09:46:12+06:00
Online Yoga Class – CarolineBody Healing Yoga Nidra2021-01-25T09:37:25+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Caroline Anahata2021-01-25T09:37:51+06:00
Online Yoga Class Nolita Sweet Blissful Yoga Flow2021-01-25T09:39:45+06:00
Online Yoga Class Nolita – Prayers of a Warrior Spirit2021-01-25T09:39:19+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Bedtime Yoga with Nolita2021-03-29T07:19:11+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Sophie Yin Class2021-01-25T09:49:18+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Gypsy Core Balance2021-01-25T09:41:45+06:00
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Online Yoga Class – Sophie Mindful Yin2021-01-25T09:49:00+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Sophie Yang and Yin Class2021-01-25T09:48:49+06:00
Online Yoga Class – Bedtime Yoga with Nolita2021-03-29T07:19:11+06:00
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Foundation of yoga, philosophy, tips, and guideline to help you dive deeper and safer into your practice.

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Some of our favourite classes from the ‘earlydays’ of braodcasting

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