Project Description

Yoga for Good Vibes

Required equipment: Mat, water, towel, comfy active clothing.

Duration: 5 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Instructor: Stéphanie

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Online Course Description: 

Stéphanie compares yoga to daily chores like laundry and dishes – none of these tasks are ever fully completed and you need to do a little here and there to keep up. These classes are designed to help you find simple ways to integrate yoga in your daily life and provide you tools to help deal with difficult times. The classes are designed to help create space for change and release. They are like a software update, reboot and bug fix. And the best part, it’s about being playful. Letting the kid in us out and express itself.

Let Stéphanie bring yoga into your life, and experience a full reset.

In this short meditation, Stéphanie prepares you for your yoga practice. She helps you better connect with your body, mind and breath by calming the mind, deepening the breath, and letting the energy flow. Activate your essence, your soul, and your potential.

Duration: 10 minutes

This Vinyasa flow class is designed to test and improve balance. Balance is essential and by strengthening key areas of our bodies, we can minimise the risk of injuries and not only pursue our dreams of walking that catwalk, but also improve our lives by helping us navigate a wet floor, better enjoy sports and dancing etc.

Duration: 27 minutes

I designed this class for my badass Canadian rockstar friend who asked me how she could strengthen her knees. She is always on her feet, dancing, walking. She was continuously moving her legs and knees in a very specific range of motion and not moving her body regularly in its full range. We practiced this class at my house by the pool in beautiful Koh Phangan.

Duration: 40 minutes

Anyone that has ever heard of Koh Phangan knows how much we like to dance! Dance is a form of expression, a form of art, it is the body’s reaction to sound and vibration. A vinyasa flow can be the perfect accompaniment to a night of sweat, twists and turns.

This class was created for my dear friend Marco Loco’s Bliss Beats event at Sunset Walk. Marco attended a few of my classes and was inspired to combine his musical talents, his party vibes, sunset location with the “bliss-ness” of yoga.

Marco, producer and resident DJ (Space, Ibiza) played live to this class while we prepared our body and released the stress of the day.

Yoga can be combined with any form of music, media, location, style, intention. Yoga is you. A yoga teacher is your guidance to (re)connecting with yourself. Breath is the energy, posture is the strength, the progress, the training. The intention is your focus, your goal, your ambition, your desires, your hopes, your prayers. The meditation is tuning out the head, that (sometimes nagging) voice, and (re)connecting with you, with your own wisdom, your own Yoda.

Duration: 49 minutes

Anxiety is interesting concept. Generally, when we are anxious we worry about something that has yet to happen – something in the future. The need to desire a positive outcome is completely natural however, not having the proper tools to deal with anxiety can lead to low energy, exhaustion, overthinking and acting rashly.

Yoga can be one of your tools to help deal with anxiety. I first taught this class during covid on secluded private beach near The Sanctuary for a dear friend who urgently needed some peace in her mind. We stood facing the sea, eyes softly open gazing at sun, listening to the waves, feeling the gentle breeze on our skin.

At the end of the practice, we hugged silently for several minutes and I whispered in her ear: “You are okay. you are safe. You are happy and you are loved.”

Duration: 29 minutes