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Stéphanie Dashnay

Stéphanie started teaching yoga in Bali and them relocated to Koh Phangan, Thailand. Her style has a western flavour – it’s unpretentious Vinyasa flow designed to generate good vibes!

She compares yoga to daily chores like laundry and dishes – these tasks are never fully completed and you need to do a little here and there to keep up with it. According to Stéphanie, the key is to find simple ways of integrating yoga in our daily routine. Yoga can give you tools you need to deal with difficult times. It creates space for change and release. It’s an update, reboot and lots of great bug fixes that improve the software and motherboard.

And the best part, she says, it’s about being playful. Letting the kid in us out and express itself. Bringing yoga in your life is like a manual reset with automatic updates. It’s cleaning the hard drive, deleting the cookies, clearing the history, downloads, and old passwords. It’s working at FULL POWER!

Stéphanie’s Online Courses

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