Project Description

Yin Yoga Immersion

Required equipment: mat, block, strap, cushion

Duration: 5 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Instructor: Sophie

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Online Course Description: 

This five part group of slow paced, hour-long classes offers a deep dive into yin yoga,  guiding you through the practice towards a release of held tension and stress in the body.   Classes cover the foundational principles of the practice, as well as integrating teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Buddhist Mindfulness.  Includes modifications and alternate poses making it accessible for all levels.

This class, accessible for all levels, teaches the foundational principles of yin yoga, including the unique way of practicing; the wisdom traditions we’re led by; and how yin yoga works with the fascia to create deep openings and releases in the body.

Duration: 69 minutes

This full body class focusses on how working with the fascia (connective tissue) in the yin practice helps us to create movement and flow of chi (life force energy). This, in turn, allows us to release held tension in the body, building flexibility in the body and lightness of spirit.

Duration: 100 minutes

Beginning with a short mindfulness meditation, this class focusses on creating movement and flexibility in the hips. As we allow the body to open gradually through the long held poses of the yin practice, we’ll journey through the five Koshas, the five layers of being, as described by the ancient yogic sages.

Duration: 75 minutes

Drawing on teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine to contextualise our emotions; working with the fascia to release deeply held tension in the body; and guided by the principles of Buddhist mindfulness to feel our emotions fully, without identifying with them or attaching to them, this class explores how yin yoga can help us to understand our emotional experience and come to a place of emotional balance.

Duration: 66 minutes

This class focusses on opening the body around the kidney and bladder meridians, where, according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we store emotions around fear and anxiety.

Duration: 56 minutes