Project Description

Mastering the Breath

Required equipment: Mat

Duration: 3 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Instructor: Gypsy

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Online Course Description: 

Our breath is connected to all life! If we learn to master one thing in this life, it would be our breath. It is our best ally to be intimate with in all ways possible. Join, learn, and play in this breath series, like a conductor leads an orchestra. Learn to lead, and follow how your breath journeys throughout your body, and enjoy the many techniques given to explore through awakening and mastering.

Learn and Play with directing, like a conductor leads an orchestra, how to lead and follow your breath throughout your body.

Duration: 37 minutes

Each Chakra has a frequency that is enhanced with life-force “Prana”. We will travel up and focus on the each of the 7 Chakras to harmonise the power of your breath and create a sound vibration, know in Sanskrit as the Bija sounds. These seeds, or keys, bring healing frequencies and help alleviate blockages and stressors in the body, both physical and energetic.

Duration: 27 minutes

Our bodies breathe best when we are in a state of relaxed inner peace. Holding or limiting our breath can creates unwelcomed tension and might keep us blocked from what easily can be surrendered. This process is enhanced when we can playfully add JOY, and laughter in letting go. Join in this lesson to release what no longer serves you and relax into a deep yummy place of peace.

Duration: 47 minutes