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Gypsy Bast

A leading figure in the Bali and international Yoga w teaching Yoga, Meditation, Dance therapy, and Pilates for over 20 years old, Gypsy Bast has been dancing since a child with a practice that evolves from multiple backgrounds of movement and meditation therapies, Gypsy is known for her uplifting attitude, and approachable abilities to work with all levels of people. Gypsy has traveled the world teaching retreats and performing, and has had opportunities to train Cirque du Soleil’s “Totem” and “Corteo” shows in Yoga and Pilates. She coached children “at-risk” of drugs and violence with Yoga and theatre, and toured internationally as a dancer/aerialist, hanging upside down from a chandelier (a great one for neck pain!). Gypsy Bast helps us learn intelligently, discover what’s needed to re-educate, and source our own energy power. With practice… her teachings can open doors, but you must enter by yourself.


Gypsy’s Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Class – Gypsy Core Balance2021-01-25T09:41:45+06:00
Online Yoga Class Gypsy Vinyasa Flow2021-01-25T09:42:14+06:00