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Episode #10 – How to Change Negative Thought Patterns with Faith Hill

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In this episode, host Faith Hill shares five ways to successfully change negative thoughts. 

Let’s be realistic, negative thinking happens to all of us. Negative thoughts either come full on with bells and whistles or sneak in quietly and then take centre stage in all their glory.

If we let them, they can cause us emotional suffering and misery.

But we are human and full time positivity is nigh on hard to achieve, perhaps nirvana, so let’s do what we can to break unhelpful negative thought loops and in turn, improve our wellbeing and enhance our existence.

Duration: 16 minutes


Faith Hill

Faith Hill is a life coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She coaches her clients to help them make life changes, reach their goals and improve their wellbeing. 

She works with people who are open to change, willing to do the work (not just chat) and ready to accomplish great things. She is an online coach so clients can work with her from the comfort of their own home.

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