Project Description

Anahata Yoga – Yoga for a long and healthy life.

Required equipment: mat, block and strap

Duration: 6 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Instructor: Caroline

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Online Course Description: 

A beautiful series of exercises that are relaxing for your spine & hips and soothing for your soul. Wonderful to do in the morning after you get out of bed, when you’ve been sitting for a long time or have been traveling. The roller gives your muscles along the spine a nice massage, loosens them up and helps putting the vertebrae back into their place (in a gentle way).

If you don’t have a roller – most of the exercises can be done with a block as well.

Duration: 22 minutes

These exercises are purely therapeutic, mostly done lying down, with a lot of twists to create and maintain a healthy spine. Very good if you experience back pain of any kind. The exercises will losen up the tensions and muscles alongside your spine and also help strengthening your core, which helps protecting your spine, especially the lower back.

Duration: 81 minutes

We often forget about our hips and the almost 360 degrees movement that this join can make. We mainly use our hips in a very linear way by walking, running, climbing, sitting down. In this video, we explore the full range of movement of our hips, strengthen all the little rotator muscles and strengthen our pelvic floor.

Duration: 82 minutes

How do we use our shoulders and arms? We eat, we type into our phone or into our keyboard on our laptops. But when do we actually take our arms behind our body, move them to the sides or stretch and open our shoulders and arms? When we don’t use the movement of a joint in its full range, we can easily loose it. These exercises will help to open up your shoulders in all possible ways.

Duration: 85 minutes

Our legs are caring us to so many places every day, walking along different paths, climbing up stairs or a hill.. as we do have many big muscles groups in our legs, they take a long time to stretch. In this video, we’ll use a beautiful tool, a strap, to help us stretch our legs. So the blood and fluids in your legs can run and move freely again.

Stretching your legs after a long time of sitting is also very important, as this can create a lot of tensions in the muscles as well.

Duration: 49 minutes

Yoga Nidra comes from an ancient Yoga practice called Yoga Nyasa, that means Yoga Healing. In a Yoga Nidra, we guide our body and mind into a deep relaxing state, so it can heal and mend itself even better. We also plant positive mental seeds, positive affirmations that help us to heal.

In this Yoga Nidra, I’ll guide you through a sun meditation where we’ll heal our bodies with the beautiful healing golden energy of the sun. It will leave you with a warm, heart opening and comforting feeling.

Duration: 30 minutes