Why Detox ?

Benefits of the cleansing home detox with Sanctuary wellness

Fasting is a natural practice of abstinence done to promote healing to the body and elevates the spirit. Whether this is fasting from food, social media, or any other vices we may have. In our case here at the Sanctuary Thailand, we mainly fast from solid food.

From a renowned Detox-Wellbeing Packages feel the benefits of the cleansing Home Detox program.

Feel Alive, Awake and Aware

Through Rest, Repairing, and Revitalizing your body with a cleanse program. Each cleanse journey is unique to you only. Below are commonly reported benefits of a cleansing home detox.

# Physical benefits:  

  • Rest for the digestive organs
  • Benefits your cardiovascular system by balancing blood pressure, balancing blood cholesterol and improving liver organ function
  • Improved digestive functions such as reducing fluid retention, bloating and discomfort while restoring the intestinal integrity necessary for physical vitality
  • Balances your blood sugar levels and your hormones, giving you lightness and increased energy, and affording better sleep
  • Increases stem cells count for regeneration
  • Improves immunity, kidney, liver and blood function allowing better resistance to disease and reduction of allergies
  • Clears skin, reduces bad body odors and is anti-aging on a cellular level
  • Improved sense of taste and a renewed enjoyment of healthy, nourishing foods 
  • Weight loss and reduced sugar cravings

# Mental Benefits

  • Improve your sleeping patterns
  • Gain mental clarity, memory, and focus
  • Renewed ability to cope with stress: Healthy adrenals help the body and mind cope and deal with everyday stress without getting overwhelmed being aware of them

“If we desire good health, then whatever we have put into our bodies that interferes with their ability to function properly, must be removed” – Richard Anderson ND

#Emotional benefits 

  • Improve overall moods and attitude 
  • Emotional release of deep-rooted discomforts and toxic feelings and conditioned emotional patterns 
  • Personal growth with clarity for new ideas and creativity

#Social benefits 

  • Make new friends 
  • Expand knowledge on your body 
  • Experience the natural support from other cleansers 

#Spiritual benefits 

  • Connecting with nature
  • Healing and trauma releases with our Tea Temple offerings
  • Spiritual awareness and inner stillness with free daily meditation 
  • Get back into the body and breath with yoga


# I need to lose weight. Will I lose weight on this detox program?

Yes, if you follow our Home Detox program correctly, you will lose weight at home. If you are struggling to lose weight, fasting for weight loss is a natural way to lose weight fast. Our programs encourage healthy weight loss only. 

# How is this program different from intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a meal schedule over a given period of time which includes fasting and eating solid food. The Sanctuary Home Detox Program eliminates solid food for your chosen period.

# How long does it take for the Sanctuary Home Detox package to arrive?

Please allow up to three weeks for our package to reach you. This is due to COVID restrictions and it being sent to you direct from our wellness centre in Thailand.

# Is someone on-hand if I need help or support?

Yes, a member of our expert team will be dedicated to you >>>Nolan, what can I say here?

# What is the difference between a fast, a cleanse and a detox?

A detox is any process that helps you remove toxins from your system.

A cleanse is any process that makes one clean.

A fast is a period of time without ingesting any food.

We use all 3 terms to describe our detox programs.