Project Description

Positive Emotional Health and Well-Being

Required equipment:

Duration: 6 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Instructor: Romi

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Online Course Description: 

The Positive Emotional Health and Well-Being course aims to support you to live a socially, emotionally and mentally healthy life. It covers a range of topics over six videos offering practical and actionable tools and techniques to help you step forward and lead a confident, empowered and balanced life.

Learn simple techniques in writing therapy to de-clutter the mind, understand and process emotions from stagnation or confusion, gain clarity and be present in daily life.

Duration: 14 minutes

Carrying around old stories, old pains, hurts and traumas can make us feel heavy, sad, disempowered and stuck, stopping us from stepping forward and into our true power. Learn techniques of letting go that you can use if and when required, to once and for all step free.

Duration: 11 minutes

Understand our neural pathways in the brain (explained in very simple terms) and how one negative thought can turn in to a real problem whether it is a ‘down day,’ getting stuck in a negative spiral, or getting stuck in more consistent negative cycles. This video explains how this occurs and offers a powerful way to turn it around and feel confident, happy and empowered.

Duration: 12 minutes

It can be difficult to make decisions that are right for you when there is so much ‘noise’ going on. Pressures from society, family, culture, nationality and religion can consciously or sub-consciously effect and influence the way we think and the choices we make. If you strip away the ’norms’ from your family or culture, what is left? Learn how to engage your centre of emotions and centre of intuition to listen to your body and (re)learn to trust yourself and your decision-making.

Duration: 12 minutes

Is perfectionism getting in the way of you reaching your goals? Relearn how to define ‘your best’ without losing your positive attitude or strive for excellence. Understand the meanings of the words ‘success’ and ‘failure,’ and the conscious or subconscious impact your definition of these words has on your life. Learn techniques to move forward and achieve your goals without pressure, guilt or self-doubt.

Duration: 13 minutes

Most of us feel anxiety at some point in life and some more than others. It is important to understand what anxiety is and how it works. Learn to recognise the difference between anxiety and fear as well as a simple and practical 3-step process to combat anxiety and get back in control. Disclaimer: This video is not a replacement for seeking professional help if you are suffering from severe anxiety or other mental health issues

Duration: 9 minutes