Project Description

The Power of a Home Practice

Required equipment: Mat, Block, Towel

Duration: 4 Classes

Difficulty Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Instructor: Francie 

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Online Course Description: 

Establishing a regular independent personal practice is a rite of passage for most practicing Yogis. When you come to this place, you are bridging the inspirations and lessons you have received and integrated from more formal classes and fuse it with your own personal curiosities, playfulness, edges, and the freedom to explore.

Building the confidence to create a practice that serves you as an individual will help you cultivate more strength, balance, and flexibility in body, mind and soul.

Creating a Personal Practice is awesome because you:

  • Can go at your own pace
  • Learn to listen and respond to your own body
  • Have the freedom to explore and play
  • Can explore different ways to expand, to open, play your edge, to breathe into a specific challenge

Once you find a way to practice that fully resonates with you, you’ll ideally, be more frequently drawn to showing up to your practice and it’s intrinsic rewards will then in turn continue to support you.

Stretching into the day

Duration: 30 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Yogis say “A healthy spine is the key to longevity, and a mind that is stretched by new experiences can not go back to its old dimensions.” Learn flexibility while experiencing the subtleties and importance of these practices. Focus on flexing and extending, growing with awareness and finding your alignment in challenge.

Duration: 40 minutes

Duration: 8 minutes