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Episode #5 – Meditation Techniques & Benefits with Dr William Bloom

meditation benefits

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Host Faith Hill talks with Dr. William Bloom about the practice and benefits of meditation.

William has studied and practiced all types of meditation, all over the world, and shares his wisdom and experience in a very relatable way to helps others create their own practice.

He talks of his fascination with humanity and people-watching in Glastonbury, his love of stand-up comedy and biking plus how he made the morning housework chores an enjoyable and mindful way to start the day.

Duration: 45 minutes


William Bloom

William Bloom is a British author, educator and activist and the founder/director of the Spiritual Companions Trust, an educational charity focusing on a holistic and person-centred approach to spirituality and health.

He’s considered by many people to be the UK’s leading holistic and New Age educator and author. The UK newspaper, The Independent, says William has ‘an encyclopedic knowledge of meditation’.In addition to writing 26 books and running many successful online and in-person courses, William is also a co-founder of the fantastic Alternatives program in London.

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