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Episode #4 – Handling Anxiety & Stress with Nicola Bird

handling anxiety with Nicole bird

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In this episode, host Faith Hill interviews Nicola Bird, the founder of A Little Peace of Mind

Nicola talks of the effects of a busy mind and fast thinking, of chasing a high salary and, eventually, burnout. She takes us on her journey and how she has learned to manage her anxiety and fear, sharing some nuggets of advice.

Nicola struggled for years with anxiety and panic attacks and at times couldn’t even leave her home for weeks at a time. No one knew. To the outside world she was a high-performer: high academic grades, running her own successful business, living all around the world and happily married with three beautiful children. But inside she was full of fear and on the verge of panic a huge amount of the time.

Duration: 40 minutes


Nicole Bird

Nicola Bird is the founder of A Little Peace of Mind, an organisation based in the UK which helps people alleviate fear, anxiety and stress.

Nicola wrote a book, also titled A Little Peace of Mind and published by Hay House UK, to help others feeling this way. In addition, she has a podcast of the same name and offers private coaching and online courses.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode


A Little Peace of Mind  

Podcast – A Little Peace of Mind 

Hay House UK (book publisher) 


Toxic Psychiatry by Peter Breggin 

Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results by Jamie Smart 

The Space Within by Michael Neill  


“If the only thing that people learned was not to be scared of their experience, that alone would change the world.” Sydney Banks

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