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Episode #2 – Life Philosophy & Bodywork with Sebastian Bruno

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Sebastian Bruno takes us on his personal spiritual journey from being a restless child in Portugal studying judo to Scotland to study aromatherapy and reiki. Followed by travels to Kathmandu to learn ancient massage & yoga, Ayurveda in India and body massage in Thailand.

In this episode, Sebastian also shares many of his learnings about the body and mind, meditation practices & benefits plus his beautiful life philosophy.

It’s a delight to hear his wisdom and humor.

Duration: 36 minutes



Sebastian Bruno is the co-founder of ThaiVedic, a holistic healing system that bridges together timeless Ayurvedic principles with Thai Buddhist medicine and Yoga Therapy; a holistic medicine if you like.

In usual circumstances, he travels around the world sharing his practice through sessions, classes, workshops and trainings.

Sebastian has been a long-time student of the Body, Breath and Movement and these studies have brought him through a variety of disciplinary practices such as martial arts, dance, bodywork and traditional healing arts.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode



Sebastian’s Foundations of ThaiVedic Bodywork online course 


The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho 

Buddha Dharma 


“Relax, nothing is under control.”

“Death is certain. Life is uncertain.” Buddhist quote

“And if you ever feel a deep emptiness inside of you, do not worry, you are probably just hungry.”

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