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Episode #11 –  Frequency Healing with Erin Eber

Ep.11 Frequency Healing with Erin Eber

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In this episode, host Faith Hill talks with a frequent healer and altogether beautiful being, Erin Eber

Erin Eber’s frequency healing aligns people to their souls. She uses her voice as a channel to help people with whatever they need in that moment.

Erin’s early life was a state of inner pain and confusion that she couldn’t logically understand. As an extremely sensitive empath, she wasn’t comfortable being human. 

Singing had always been a deep passion. It was her connection to the divine. So when she lost her ability to sing ‘unexpectedly’ at 13, she went on a hunt to heal herself.

She has an incredible story about how she came into this work and realm.

In this fun and insightful episode, we talk singing, meditation, Ayuashca and Tik Tok, as well as the value of mentors and the delights of travel.

Duration: 32 minutes


Erin Eber

Erin Eber is a frequency healer who travels the world sharing her work both in person and online.

When asked to summarise her frequency healing work, she says ‘I will help you learn to listen to yourself.’

In addition to her unique 1-on-1 sessions, Erin runs live workshops and online courses; her most recent being one called Evolved Empaths for both empaths and highly sensitive people.

Erin also offers Human Design sessions and facilitates cacao ceremonies.

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