Main Benefits Of Self Abdominal Massage

When you think about massages, you tend to think about your back. After all, you probably have a busy life and a massage is a great way to get all that excessive stress and pressure out of the way. However, there is a special massage that you can do to yourself and that can make wonders for your overall health – the abdominal massage. 

In case you are just about to start a detox program, then you can also use the self abdominal massage to help. 

What Is A Self Abdominal Massage?

The self abdominal massage is also referred to as stomach massage and is a non-invasive and gentle way that allows you to relax. In case you have a baby at home, you probably already helped him or her with this type of massage when they are constipated. 

One of the best things about the self-abdominal massage is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home and it only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day. So, it is easy to find the time. 

Main Benefits Of Self Abdominal Massage

As you can easily understand, a self abdominal massage can bring you multiple benefits:

#1 Relieve Constipation And Improve Digestion

When you are performing a self abdominal massage, you will be helping your stomach muscles relax. So, at the same time, you will be not only relieving constipation but stimulating digestion as well. 

According to this study, 15-minute massages twice a day for three days showed improvements in the digestive issues of individuals who had an endotracheal tube. In addition, the participants in the study also noticed a significant decrease in constipation. 

#2 Reduce Bloating

According to this study, people who had a 15-minute abdominal massage twice a day for three days had lower levels of perceived abdominal bloating. Besides these positive effects, participants also noticed their well-being, anxiety, and depression levels improved. 

#3 Releases Physical And Emotional Stress

There’s no question that a massage can help you deal with all the physical and emotional stress. And this is also the case of the abdominal massage. After all, you will be making pressure surrounding your stomach which is usually a part of our bodies that we don’t like. Besides, you won’t need to expose it to anyone since you’ll be the one doing it.


#4 Alleviate Menstrual Pain

Some women experience terrible menstrual pain, especially in their forty’s. So, if this is something that tends to affect you, you just found a new way to get some relief. 

According to this study, women who had a five-minute massage daily for six days before menstruation had significantly lower levels of pain and cramping compared to women who had no treatment. While this study was small, you can see the benefits of a self abdominal massage. 

#5 Helps Cleanse Your Body

If you are starting a detox program or even in the middle of a cleansing process, then you may also benefit from a self abdominal massage. 

The circular moves will help you make your digestive system work better which will help other internal organs work better as well. 

Learn how to do a self abdominal massage

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